Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zoo Day!!!

A Day at the ZOO!
We took the kids to the zoo for Gaige's Birthday. It was a fun filled day full of laughter and lots of walking and explaining the animals to our little man. He really enjoyed seeing the animals in person and not just in his picture books. Paisley sucking her thumb. She is taking after her big brother
Jake looking a bit confused, really he is just trying to tell me something and instead I took his picture.

Brandi Lynn loves the animals at the zoo

Chelsea J. is really happy it is not raining on us!

Dad with all the kids

They all loved the Fosa in the Madagascar exibit.

Gaige heard the birds talking next to the monkeys and he had to cheek them out. He really enjoyed all the animals!

Mom with all the kids

We had a great day!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gaige turns 2

Happy Birthday Gaige
2 years have just gone by so fast. I can not believe that my little man is 2 years old. This little guy is such a little ham. He enjoyed his 2nd birthday with all of his family and he got so many gifts that he just loves. Gaige is loved by so many people and he has touched so many lives with his sweet smile and sweet personality. Align Center

Daddy got him a bike

Grandma and Grandpa got him a basketball hoop and ball

I took him on his first pony ride. He loved it!
Happy Birthday Gaige
We all love you!!!

This is what happens when teenagers do the dishes!!!!
Chelsea was on dish duty. This picture speaks for itself. I dont think I need to explain any details!!!

Saying Goodbye

Chesley Ray Christensen
My Uncle Ches passed away on May 25, 2009. He was my mothers oldest brother and a very special man. I have many memories of my sweet uncle and I am going to miss him. Uncle Ches was a man of true integrity. He served his country and was the Mayor of Mt. Pleasant for 20 years. He loved his country, his family and his town!
My Mother and Father
My Uncle Paul

My Uncle Jerry

Aunt Corrine and Uncel Paul holding Paisley

Paisley Love

Paisley Love!!!
There is just nothing like a babies smile to light up your day. Paisley gives her grandma a big smile and laughs with pure joy while visiting her. Grandma just loves her new grand daughter, and just loves her sweet spirit that she has. Daddy making is little girl smile

Mommy loves her little kisses from her sweet baby girl. I just love her so much

Kisses from daddy

We sure love our baby daughter and all that she brings to our family. I am so lucky to have this sweet little girl and thank god everyday for her. I never thought that I would have another child, but I sure am glad that I did and that I was blessed with such a delight!
I love you Paisley Luella Rose

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crazy Days!!!

Okay so this is how it seems to be.
If you can tell what is going on in this
picture. Gaige is in my lap laying with his blanket
Paisley is right next to me laying in the boppy
we have everything we need within reach. I go
from nursing the baby to burping the baby to
hold Gaige and loving him to reading one book after
another. We don't leave the couch for hours sometimes.
I took this picture because to think it so funny. We had
to show daddy how crazy it is sometimes!!

Like Father Like Son

Like Father like Son!Gaige loves to eat limes.
He will see one and want to eat it every time
So when it's time for a drink Gaige always gets a lime!

Gaige LOVES to sit on all the toys in the garage
he can't wait for daddy to take him out into
the garage to play. On this night all the boys
were out building pine wood derby cars, and of course
Gaige had to sit on the three wheeler!!!

He loves this thing. Summer is going
to be fun with this little boy!!!

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